I was born on 19th February 1957.

I have had very strong passion to arts from the very early ages of my life especially to music and to the fine arts. My childhood dream was to be a musician or a painter. Unfortunately, I missed the chance to become a musician, as I was 10 when I started playing the cello, which is a very “old age” in respect of stringed instruments. I did not get much further with painting either. We lived in rather straitened circumstances and my parents did not respect an artistic career. I was told a thousand times: “You cannot make living of painting. Learn a profession, and paint for your own pleasure beside!” So, following my parents’ and elementary school teachers’ advice went to the Secondary School of Timer Industry in Ujpest. I passed my Final Exam there. I got familiar with the technique of making wooden inlays. I soon realized that it is possible to create pictures out of veneer (not only furniture) so I started to make wooden inlays. Thanks to inlays I get acquainted with Albert Gabri, a painter, who later become a close friend of mine. In the age of 16-17 I spent most of my free time in his atelier. He taught me the basics of painting and his paintings have had a life long impression on me.

After Final Exam I went to College of Advanced Technology, where I graduated as engineer. I spent the next 10 years of my life in this profession.

In 1990 came a new turn in my life. Together my friends I embarked on an enterprise of trading with pictures of contemporary painters. Consequently I got to a close relation with painting again and I got acquainted with many Hungarian contemporary painters. Thanks to this my passion for painting gradually woke up. First I started painting in complete secret only for my own pleasure. It happened only later that I thought of making it my first career. It was a serious question for me whether it is possible (being closer to 40 rather than 30) to jump back to my childhood dream.

I decided to make a try.

Backed by my friends I spent more and more time in front of my easel. I could be really grateful to Judit Koplik art historian who always encouraged me, and also to Emil Gador and Istvan Reinhardt (both painters) who unselfishly taught me. I consider them my masters. The idea of having an exhibition came up in my mind in 1998. In that year in February I “debuted” in the Maconkai Orosz Laszlo Gallery (earlier known as Mazda Gallery). From that time on I have regularly had exhibitions in Hungary and sometimes abroad.

I have been the member of Corvin Artist Club of the XVI. District since 1999.

I was first invited to the Art Colony of Free Artists in Cserszegtomaj in 2000. I have been a regular member of this community since that time. I also visited several  Art Colonies in Hungary and  abroad.